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Ensurity Essential

Secure Communication Platform

End-to-End Encryption

  Comprehensive secure messaging

  Secure file sharing and management

  Secure Voice Calls

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Welcome to Ensurity Essential

End-to-end encryption for voice calls, messaging and file management.


Crypto handling in your control means superior security

Self Hosting

Host the solution on your own secure servers for better control

Excellent Voice Quality

High quality secure calls with ultra low latency. Supports high number of concurrent calls

Robust Security

Multi-layered security architecture with complete forward and backward secrecy, for complete end-to-end protection

Powerful messaging

Most comprehensive secure messaging platform. Ideal for enterprise users

File Management

Unstructured, yet sensitive enterprise data gets same secure attention as voice calls and text messages

Portability / Customisation

  Client's ability to use customised crypto is central to Ensurity Essential's design

  Enterprise clients can now run secure communication platforms with complete control over security

  Multiple levels of customisation to offer enhanced security for sensitive clients

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Self Hosting

  Host Ensurity Essential's on your own servers for enhanced control and security

  Ensurity Essential's modular, portable architecture facilities seamless portability

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Secure Voice

  Excellent voice quality

  End-to-end voice encryption

  Peer-to-peer voice calls

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Robust Security

  Dynamic seed generation, to offer more decentralised security

  End-to-end encryption at all points

  CUG architecture for accurate authentication and guarantee of encryption

  Perfect forward and backward secrecy

  Repudiation and deniability

  PIN/Password protection

  Two tiered user registration for strong access security

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Excellent Messaging Features

  One time eyes only messages

  Time to live/self delete for messages

  One click vapor messaging

  Hierarchy based messaging architecture

  Group chats



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Secure File Sharing / Management

  End-to-end encryption for files, images, audio, messages and videos

  One click vaporisation for files sharing too

  One time eyes/self delete feature for file sharing too

  In app file handling means users can easily track files by user or date

  Files/Images/Videos shared with Ensurity Essential's are always encrypted and can't be accessed outside the app (you cant't see files in the gallery !!)

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